The Blinding Light at the End of the Earth

I have worked with Nat Coghlan on a lot of projects over the years, usually more rock based, so I was pretty interested when he sent me these drone loops to work on early on, early in the pandemic. I enjoyed getting lost in a hybrid “mixing/mastering” project of these tracks that he recorded with his phone. Nat’s own description of the project is even more illuminating.

“Written and recorded over the first seven days of the shelter in place.

Thinking that shelter in place would only last two weeks, I assumed that these would be the first half of songs that I wrote for this project. I envisioned a musical snapshot of what I thought would be a bizarre, but brief time.

Each day, after recording a song, I would email it to a small group of friends, like a drone-a-day subscription service. I don’t think anyone was clamoring for the songs, but having said that I would send them kept me accountable, and made sure that I sat down with my guitar before the day was over, even if I felt like just falling asleep on the couch instead.

The repetition of the songs accidentally mirrors how the early days felt during the pandemic. Listening back to them, they have another quality that mimics the pandemic. It’s not exactly clear where you are in any given song. The middle, towards the end? How much longer will this go on for? Weeks, months?”

Nat went on to make a track everyday for 4 weeks.