THD, Rickenbacker, BlackCat,For the past decade, I have been a studio owner and engineer, providing recording, mixing, mastering, and technical consultation services to a wide variety of musicians and clients. I love working with audio and creative media and being able to help people achieve their goals by sharing my knowledge and experience. While my area of expertise is recording, editing and mixing music, I have had many other jobs in the music industry. Whether it be working at record labels, as a tour manager, performer, songwriter, sound designer or recording artist, I have a wealth of real-world experience to draw from through my 20+ years in independent music. 

I’ve toured and recorded in the bands ORCHID, TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR, and WOLVES. I have also interned at recording studios, worked at record labels, and as a tour manager. I’ve been recording bands on my own since 2006 and in 2012 I earned a degree in Audio Production from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I currently record and play music in Philadelphia, PA.