Yamaha T100CRecording/Mixing

Recording and Mixing music are the primary services that I provide. I currently work out of a studio that provides for both live tracking and overdubbing. Whether you need to record a Full Length Album, an E.P. or a demo, no project is too big or too small. I’m happy to help you through your recording from beginning to end.


I am also available for mixing your project if you’ve already recorded elsewhere. Did you record the record yourself and need help finishing the project? Did you record at another studio and need more help getting it to sound the way you want? I’m happy to help with either of those scenarios. Just get in touch to talk about the details of your project. Additional overdubbing and re-recording would be possible as well.


I have the utmost respect for what trained Mastering Engineers do for a living. That said if you are making a demo or are just putting your recording on BandCamp or Soundcloud, I’d be happy to make it louder and do my best to make it sound better. If you are planning on releasing your record commerically or releasing it on vinyl, I’m going to strongly recommend that you employ someone else to master the recording. I’ve worked with and know several Mastering Engingeers that I can recommend to you, who can help your recording sound great.


While recording and mixing music is my primary focus I have done work in a variety of different  mediums and am happy to help you with your project if I can be of assistance. If you need help with any of the below, feel free to get in touch.

  • Mixing the audio for your film/video
  • SoundTrack Work
  • Sound FX Work
  • Voice-over recordings
  • Field Recording
  • Pod Casting
  • Etc…

The fee for all services is $35.00 an hour. Your bill will need to be paid at the end of every session.

If your project has a specific budget or you have concerns about how much your recording will cost, please contact me with the details.