Philadelphia based audio engineer.

2015 Update

I wanted to mention some of the great projects I’ve been working since the start of the year. TRUE CROSS is currently in the mixing stages of their full length that I began recording last Thanksgiving, and it is quite the wall of guitars and shoegaze. I also just completed mixing 2 songs for local favorites SORE SAINTS that are coming out on 2 different split 7″s later in the year. Finally, I’m currently mixing 2 new songs for DIRT QUEEN, that I recorded, and couldn’t be more stoked on how those are turning out. Very excited for people to be hearing all these new recordings, until then check out these bands previous material and look out for their new stuff later this year.


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Dirt Queen came into the studio last month to record a couple of songs and I couldn’t be more stoked about how they came out. Add them to the ever growing list of Philadelphia bands playing a nice blend of catchy, grungy, noise rock/post-hardcore. Good Band. Good songs. Makes my job easy and fun.



Check out their homemade 6×12 guitar cabinet! Sounded great for both the live and overdubbed guitar.







Old and new friends TOSKA came into the studio last month and recorded 6 songs that you now stream from their bandcamp. I was looking forward to be recording a band featuring members of Hot Cross, Monster X, and .NEMA, and even more excited when they started laying down some seriously furious Metal and Hardcore. Brad Boatright from AudioSiege finished it off with a great mastering job. Look for TOSKA to be playing around the east coast this summer and order their six song tape via their bandcamp.




In January Anxiety Hammer came into the studio and busted out a real ripper of a demo in just one day. Really fun to work on. I love how destroyed and pushed everything sounds. Try and find a real copy of the demo if you can so you don’t have to listen to the crappy Soundcloud digital compression. Look for them to be playing around Philadelphia and surrounding areas.





Mohican: “The Abuse Is Character”- Live in the Studio

Mohican came into the studio a little over a year ago to record two songs that ended up being the starting point for creating this album. I had typically been tracking only 1 or 2 instruments at a time in most sessions, but these guys had a real vision for doing their record live, so I said “Why Not?”. Glad I did as well, because it came out great, and all the live bleed and room sound only added to the aesthetic they were trying to achieve. Of course there were a few technical challenges, but well worth it to be able to accommodate the youthful enthusiasm and dedication these guys brought to the studio. Buy their record and go see them live when you get the chance.




At the beginning of the year True Gold was referred to me for help with mixing, after recording 8 songs on their own. I think these songs turned out pretty cool. Free Album Download. You should check it out.

If you or your band has recorded yourself, or recorded at a different studio, but still need help finishing your record, feel free to get in touch. I’m happy to give your stuff a listen, and see if we can improve on what you already have. A lot of times a fresh pair of ears and some extra experience can go a long way.


The Deli Magazine in Philadelphia recently made True Gold’s album their record of the month!



HEATHEN REIGN “S/T” 8 Song 12″ Out Now

Earlier this year I wrapped up recording and mixing my own band’s debut record. It took awhile but we put it out ourselves and finally have copies on vinyl. It’s lot of work to record and put out your own record, but worth it in the end knowing that you did exactly what you wanted and didn’t have to make any compromises. Please give it a listen and buy some vinyl if that’s your thing. We’ve got some great local shows lined up as well so check out the Facebook page for that.

Shows/Social Media:



Buy Vinyl Here:




New Amp: Mesa Mark II B Coliseum

Mesa Coliseum

Got a new guitar amp the other day. It’s a Mesa Coliseum which was somewhat of a Custom shop order when it was made in the early 80’s. This one appears to be from 1982 which I think would essentially make it a Mark IIB model Mesa but this has 6 6l6 power tubes tubes and can run at an unnecessary 180watts. Probably only a few hundred made. It’s almost got too many options for EQ and dialing in a sound, but when I kept it simple and just cranked the gain and master volume it sounded great. Looking forward to an opportunity to record it. Luckily it has a 1/2 power switch making it only as loud as other really loud amps.

Psychic Teens “Come” Full Length

I was very happy to work with Psychic Teens last year on 4 songs that ended up on their new record, that just came out in August.

They also got some awesome press in the form of “Best New Artist” and “Album of the week” from Spin magazine.


Head on over to their website to pick up the record if you like what you hear.